Have you always wanted to learn how to dance salsa, but never took the chance? This is your calling. Join us every Tuesday & Friday to become a salsa dancer.


Pleased to meet you!

We are two dancers from Eindhoven who have both lived on Strijp-S.
It is a nice creative community to be part of and we wanted to bring Salsa to this part of Eindhoven.

Desie Laenen

I experiment with different styles of Latin dance and put the emphasis on femininity in my dance.

Davide Scalora

I am excited to teach you to dance! I love incorporating forgotten forms of salsa into the mainstream dance.

Who We Are

passionate professional Dancers

We have experience in dancing and teaching Latin style dances for several years. Recently we decided to start our own dance school, to incorporate our own vision on dance. We focus solely on Salsa, as it is our passion and we have a lot to share about it.

Join us every Tuesday & FRIDAY!

Our next tryouts are on the 21st of May and the season lasts for 15 weeks. Each week you will advance with new techniques and figures that we will walk you through step-by-step. Does this sound like fun to you? Apply for the free tryout.


One course of 15 classes
€200 p.p.

Payment in two terms possible

Two courses of 15 classes
€400 €300 p.p.

-25% discount on both courses! Payment in two terms possible

Urban Salsa Bachata Events

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